Display as a Service (DaaS)

Display as a Service (DaaS) is an ongoing research project, which enables pixel transport without a video cable, without limits, without distortion. DaaS transforms an unlimited number of individual monitors into a virtual display on a gigantic display wall. Acting as service providers in a network, both video sources and screens of any size and resolution either supply pixels or display them, respectively. DaaS establishes peer-to-peer communications between all involved sources and screens, ensures the correct distribution of the video content, and allows synchronized real-time presentation of video content across all display devices.It makes no difference whether display walls are constructed using a uniform grid of LCDs, or from heterogeneous display devices arbitrarily combined and having various resolutions and pixel densities. Every display in DaaS is registered with its own absolute spatial position and orientation in the system, which ensures proper compensation for display edges and potential gaps, while presenting video streams across the entire display wall without any distortion.

Display as a Service is a joint project of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), the Intel Visual Computing Institute, and the Computer Graphics and Telecommunication chairs at Saarland University. It is part of ongoing research projects in the Software Campus and Software Cluster programs of the German Ministry of Education and Research.

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