Display as a Service (DaaS)

Any pixel source - on any display!

A Virtualization Approach to Graphics.

Instead of building on video cables, which are always bound to be 1-to-1 connections, DaaS uses standard IP networks as pixel transport medium. This allows to use all the flexibility of a network in a generic m-to-n connection for pixel transport as well. In addition, DaaS is a pure software solution and does not require any expensive hardware, which allows to integrate arbitrary hosts and operating systems as sources or sinks in a DaaS installation.

Heterogeneous Display Walls.

DaaS allows to use displays of arbitrary size and resolution together as consecutive display walls. Its unique capabilities of registering the spatial properties of each screen implicitly define display wall setups and do not require any adjustments to the content. Instead, content can be placed in a virtual display space, which DaaS translates to individual peer-to-peer pixel streams from each source to each display.

Dynamic Displays.

The spatial position of single displays in a display wall is not fixed, but can be re-configured in real-time just as easy as the mapping of content to any display can. Like that, the most interesting applications with dynamic mobile or tracked displays become possible and work automatically with DaaS.

Award-Winning Technology.

DaaS was awarded the first prize of the CeBIT Innovation Award 2013, where it was featured in the grand CeBIT opening ceremony and the global press conference of Intel. In 2015, the technology won two categories of the national Innovationspreis-IT and was appointed Landmark in the Land of Ideas as one of the 100 best German innovations for a digital world.

Intel Visual Computing Institute
Saarbr&uum;cken Graduate School of Computer Science
Software Cluster
Software Campus

What People Are Saying.

  • Display as a Service and the new usage models that it enables, are impressive. At Intel we are convinced that Display as a Service could revolutionize professional display wall solutions and enable highly attractive new services for consumers and businesses.

    Justin Rattner (CTO Intel Corporation, 2013)
  • To accelerate the time to market innovative ideas, researchers need support from both government and business. We hope this award to Display as a Service will promote the rapid implementation and help making the prize-winning results available and useful to all.

    Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka (German Federal Minister of Education and Research, 2013)
  • DaaS, as a generic software solution, has the potential to do away with specialized hardware and to revolutionize the use of displays: Connect to every display, anywhere, at all times – with just a click.

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Slusallek (Department Head DFKI / Director of Research Intel Visual Computing Institute, 2013)

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